Clients partner with us to re-imagine and design their customer experience, improve the technology that powers it, and develop the capability to better manage it themselves.

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Our approach to
Digital strategy & service design

Our strategy and design teams together create a vision for measurably improving customer experience, anchored in user needs and supporting key business objectives.

Insight & analysis

We help our clients identify the gap between customer expectation and reality, map the challenges and opportunities digital affords, and benchmark performance.

  • User research
  • Digital maturity benchmarking
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • Technology consulting and platform selection
  • Brand and design analysis

Vision & strategy

Our proprietary Target Customer Experience process provides a clear vision, which breaks down into services, products and capabilities for rapid, incremental design and build.

  • User persona, scenario and journey development
  • Proposition development
  • New product development
  • Business case creation
  • Technology and capability mapping

Experience design

Our user-centred design processes are highly visual and collaborative, putting the user front and centre. They enable anyone to pick up a pen and contribute, and everyone to fully understand.

  • IA and UX
  • Interface design
  • Design identity and systems
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
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Our approach to
Modern engineering & delivery

From mission critical fundraising systems to global websites, and enterprise API delivery to secure mobile applications, we have deep full stack engineering expertise across multiple technologies - backed by experts in Architecture, Quality Assurance and DevOps.

Our Delivery Management team leads the planning and delivery of complex multinational programmes of work in agile cross-disciplinary teams. We draw from a mixture of techniques; breaking down barriers to enable high-performing teams, formulating delivery strategies and plans, and implementing and maintaining governance.

Content Management and CRM

Whether headless or integrated, and from content architecture to technical implementation, we’ve delivered CMS and CRM implementations and integrations at global scale - embedding content workflow, compliance and author training throughout.

Application development & integration

We create custom applications and integrate with third party systems - delivering donations services, health assessments, booking systems, virtual consultations, biometrics and complex integrations into regulated back-office data providers.

Native and hybrid apps

We build native mobile and hybrid apps using widely adopted technologies, including full support for mobile development pipelines, and releasing to the major app stores and marketplaces.

Quality Assurance & release management

Test strategy, test execution and specification by example activities are married with manual and automation testing throughout development – ensuring code quality and extremely reliable delivery.

DevOps as a culture & a practice

Experts in performance and security, infrastructure as code, continuous deployment, and systems maintenance ensure the right code is deployed at the right time, to the right environments, in the right way.

Hosting & infrastructure

We have years of experience architecting, creating and managing business critical hosting platforms – treating infrastructure as code, and meeting strict information security, performance and change management controls.

Our approach to
Capability building & organisational design

By delivering quickly and iteratively, we demonstrate the value of user-centred design and agile teams by doing. As we work, we help our clients map and quickly close the gap between their current and target state technology stack, governance processes, development and delivery approaches, digital skills and training as well as operational workflows and processes.

Senior support & team design

We provide senior coaching in the management and governance of agile delivery projects and teams.

Our regular roundtable events connect a wide network of senior digital leaders, openly discussing challenges, approaches and operating models in private, facilitated sessions.

We also advise our clients on digital team shapes and structures, and develop skills matrices, job descriptions, and recruitment strategies.

Skills development

We run blended client-agency teams by default, and encourage rotation onto the team to maximise exposure.

The team also work within client organisations to help train staff and introduce new ways of working as programme directors, project managers or product owners.

And we provide formal training on digital development processes, project management methodologies and product management techniques.

Ways of working

We help our clients identify and adopt new delivery tools and techniques, and document the interlocking artefacts and deliverables needed throughout product development lifecycles.

We consult on, define and document digital toolkits - and help our clients on-board new team members as they scale.

And we help our clients adopt a more agile mind-set to the integration of complex legacy systems.