Digital Maturity in Construction and the Built Environment Sector

We’re hosting a breakfast roundtable for leaders of digital change in organisations in the Construction and Built Environment sector.

Through a structured but informal Chatham House discussion, we’ll invite participants to share and compare digital maturity stories from their organisations.

Friday has been studying the digital maturity of large “pre-Google” organisations across sectors for five years, and has refined a model for assessing organisational digital maturity. Through this roundtable discussion we’ll adapt our Digital Maturity Model to reflect the patterns in this sector - and share the resulting model with all attendees.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  1. 01

    Disruption and resistance: Where in this sector is the tech disruption impact/opportunity now and next? And where is the limiting resistance?

  2. 02

    Construction businesses as data businesses: Internet of things instrumentation, “5D" data modelling of structures, etc.

  3. 03

    Digital skills and digital attitudes in the boardroom: Who’s is the digital agenda?

  4. 04

    A digital workforce: New tools for more efficient, connected and collaborative work

  5. 05

    Core-change, or side bets, or both: How is digital being positioned relative to the core-business? 

The discussion will be steered by Alex Wright, CEO at Friday and Tom Turcan, Executive Partner at Gartner