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In the beginning was the voice

How a new interface is being tested and optimised for contemporary needs and the coming robot revolution.

David Llewelyn-Jones

4 minute read

Monki Gras 2019

Monki Gras is the annual RedMonk conference that celebrates software, craft and tech culture. This year’s theme was Accessible Craft: creating great experiences for everyone.

Sinead Doyle

3 minute read

International Women's Day

On Thursday 7th March, the day before International Women’s Day, PA Consulting hosted an event to celebrate women within the firm.

Charlotte Mill

2 minute read

Boiled Gherkin: BDD at Friday, Part 1

This three-part series explores how we are shaping the adoption of the BDD methodology at Friday. In this first post we'll look at how and why we write scenarios to be as clear and readable as possible.

Nick Dunn

4 minute read

Designing at speed

Earlier in the year we were asked to work with a large environmental consultancy to improve, and digitise, their business processes. The goal was to make them more efficient and productive, but also to find new sources of value by connecting the now digital data.

Ed Everett

4 minute read

Friday profile: Scott McCracken, DevOps Engineer

We decided to have a chat with Scott from the DevOps team and really delve into this 'average' day at Friday!

Scott McCracken

4 minute read

Finding Meaning

Meaning is a conference for purpose-driven organisations. Sinead Doyle went to Brighton to see what Friday could learn about building better businesses.

Sinead Doyle

5 minute read

Web Summit 2018

A few highlights from Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech event, hosted in Lisbon.

Charlotte Mill

3 minute read