Friday named 2018 Sitecore Experience Award winner

Robert O'Reilly

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We’re excited to announce that we have been named a regional winner in the 2018 Sitecore Experience Awards for the category ‘Best business outcome or ROI from a digital experience’ for our work with the British Red Cross.

At Friday, we pride ourselves on building digital services that perform at scale. The new British Red Cross donations platform went live in May 2017, and two weeks later that claim was put to the ultimate test during One Love Manchester, the event organised to raise funds for those impacted by the bombing a few weeks earlier.

With just 3 days’ notice, the British Red Cross asked us to ready the platform for the ultimate test. They were going to direct 100% of the online concert traffic to it – over one million users. Within 24 hours, we had tested and hardened the donations platform, then built and staffed a Network Operations Centre to provide live support.

British Red Cross partnered with the BBC to raise over £800k in online donations during One Love Manchester, an event watched live by 22.6 million people, and broadcast in 43 countries world-wide, all of whom were pointed at to donate. The Sitecore powered donations platform was redesigned, built and deployed by the team at Friday (with an original brief of “improve mobile capability, make it work at scale, and improve conversion rates”).

At its peak, the platform supported over 33k concurrent users, together making up to 823 donations a minute, raising over £475k in just 3 hours. It handled over 398,000 requests every minute – with an average response time of just 0.1s. The British Red Cross also saw an overall conversion uplift of 9% - ensuring that the absolute maximum amount of monies generated by the public’s generosity and goodwill went to those who needed it most.

Since launch, the platform has processed more than £6m in online donations.

We are extremely proud to have received this award for such a mission-critical site. To find out more about the 2018 Sitecore Awards, please click here.

About the Sitecore Experience Awards

The Sitecore Experience Awards is an annual, international competition that honours Sitecore’s customers and their partners for excellence in deploying a Sitecore solution to deliver an outstanding customer experience. The 2018 Sitecore Experience Awards saw nearly 200 global entries in seven categories, with winners clearly demonstrating how the Sitecore platform was used to make significant, measurable progress in experience management for customers, business users, and stakeholders.

Robert O'Reilly

Technical Director
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