Friday nominated for ‘Great Place to Work’ award

Charlotte Mill

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We pride ourselves on making Friday "the best job you’ve ever had, at the best place you’ve ever worked" so we’re pleased to be recognised by The Drum Agency Business Awards as a great place to work.

At Friday, we have five key values - warm, open, hunchy, accountable and keen. These aren’t just words on a wall, but encapsulate the expected behaviours of all our employees - they’re at the heart of the transformative work our service designers and engineers deliver for our long-standing clients, and why many new clients choose to work with us.

The Drum Agency Business Award Finalist 2018

We pride ourselves on developing and nurturing high performing multi-disciplinary teams that are both self-regulating and self-sufficient - with high degrees of autonomy and latitude. The way we collaborate is what seamlessly blends the two different cultures of engineering and design at Friday, and over time we’ve learned, developed and codified the behaviours these high-performing teams exhibit - so it’s clear to Friday-folk what’s expected from them when working together. These behaviours include but are not limited to...

  • Call it out
  • No gouging, stabbing or elbows
  • Debate, then commit
  • Know what you’ve sold
  • You’re not alone
  • Proposals don’t have to be formal
  • Be direct

People in Friday having a meeting

Last year, we also redesigned our benefits package and asked our employees what benefits they would choose. We approached this as we would any other client project: market and user research, develop a list of hypotheses, pilot the most promising, gather feedback, and prioritise what to scale. This led to the introduction of our summer working hours every Friday from June through to August.

Because our employees work in a fast paced, sometimes high pressured dynamic agency, we also offer a number of well-being benefits to support our employees, alongside a range of social events including a weekend away in the summer!

For Friday, employee engagement is not just a buzz word; it's a necessity to maintain our high talent-density and staff retention rates.

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Charlotte Mill

Marketing Manager

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