Friday Profile: Joyce Van Herck, Front End Engineer

Joyce Van Herck

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Tell us a bit more about your job on the engineering team…

As an Engineer at Friday, I am involved in a project as a whole, so everything from the design process to speccing sessions to demos with a client. My average day always starts with a cup of coffee and stand ups to discuss project status, however, meetings are rare so this means I’m able to really focus on building the end product for clients.

How is a project started at Friday?

At the start of every project there is a kick off which involves both Friday and the client. These sessions allow everyone to be on the same page about what we are building. Collaboratively, we will then start story mapping to identify different user stories, which leads into a specification by example session where we define all the user scenarios in more detail. An example of this would be the step by step process for someone signing up online to a gym membership.

A client is then able to prioritise the user scenarios, which drives the order in which we tackle them in our weekly sprints.

At Friday, there is a close relationship between engineering and design, what is the best part of working collaboratively with different teams?

There are many benefits to working collaboratively but I believe it encourages the team at Friday to care more about a project. This modern way of working means that everyone is on the same page and can collaborate but also confidently share ideas. Being involved from the beginning to the end means that you are more than just a developer. You are constantly thinking about the project and how it can be improved for the client.

Joyce Van Herck, Frontend Engineer

What really excites you about working on projects that transform businesses from the core?

As a developer, you want to make the internet a better place. What really excites me about the work we do at Friday is that you come across clients where services are not digital and you are able to help them transform their business through these projects. One project that I really enjoyed working on was digitising gym membership for Nuffield Health. Online gym joining seems rudimentary - but it wasn’t a capability Nuffield had. Building this capability (which I helped do) was clearly addressing a basic user expectation. But it had an immediate and material commercial impact on the business. And this began to drive internal support for digitising other online services - booking things (gym classes, physiotherapy appointments, health test dates, etc.), paying for things (elective surgery, personal training sessions, health assessments). So digitising gym joining helped to contribute to the digital transformation of Nuffield Health from the ground up.

What attracted you to working in digital?

To be honest, I feel like I have been in digital such a long time, I can’t even remember when it started! To begin with, I learnt code and built websites for fun. This led me to complete a course that covered everything from design, front end and back end. This gave me a real taste of everything and made me decide to pursue a career in front end. I just really like being able to help clients have a seamless experience for their customers and improve their digital presence – that is what it is all about!

Tell us one fun fact about yourself…

In my spare time, I cosplay. This means I create outfits from films and work on them when I can – attending events all over the UK. This is something completely different from my day job and a passion of mine!

Joyce Van Herck

Front End Engineer

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