Friday Profile: Nick Jolliffe, Delivery Manager

Nick Jolliffe

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Tell us a bit more about your role on the Delivery Management team…

As part of my role within the Delivery Management team, I work with clients and project teams to deliver strategic digital design and development projects that support clients objectives around digitally transforming their organisations. This means that I have to work with multidisciplinary teams at Friday to outline delivery roadmaps and establish project requirements for different project work streams to develop end to end digital products/services. A key part of my role is pairing with Delivery Directors, to establish collaborative ways of working; making sure that both client and Friday teams deliver impact at speed.

What does your average day look like?

I like to get into the office early and, of course, need a coffee before I head straight into my emails (this usually involves creating actions or follow ups on sticky notes!) I then jump straight into stand ups with project teams, dial in the client and run though the key actions or a JIRA board which helps to highlight any blockers and align on key goals for project sprints. The day then revolves around more meetings, collaborative sessions, general project administration and supporting and running agile ceremonies.

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As part of your role at Friday, you work with a range of disciplines. What is the best bit about this?

At Friday we have a fantastic digital development practice using a range of agile methodologies - this means that there is an incredible amount of detail that goes into the preparation of build activities such as story mapping, specification, and planning development sprints. Therefore, when the team is aligned on a build strategy, all parties including the client get to be involved so everyone is on board. For me, the best bit is establishing working relationships with both internal and external teams, looking for areas of improvement and allowing teams the freedom to work on projects in a self-contained environment.

At Friday, every employee is client facing. What are the benefits of working closely with clients?

Frequent communication with clients means that Friday are able to move at speed, delivering more value. Working closely, often as blended teams, allows the project teams to collaboratively define achievable target customer experiences, align on development pipelines and backlogs and establishing a North Star vision that is shared by all parties. The exciting part is watching the ideas come to life!

What are the key skills you need to be a Delivery Manager?

- Openness - This is one of our values at Friday but you definitely need to be open when you are on the Delivery Management team! You need to be open to questions, ambiguity and working with a range of different teams in a number of different ways. This entails being able to read a room and understand when to ask the tricky questions to clarify the unknown.

- On the pulse – It’s very common that things change, especially when the final outcome or approach is unknown. It’s impossible to be involved with every conversation which is why you have to choose the correct times to ask for the appropriate pieces of information and know when to spin on a dime.

- Commercial awareness – It’s always important to understand the commercial objectives for the business, listening to key stakeholders or a product owner. As a Delivery Manager people look to you for guidance when things are unclear so it’s always good to remind project teams of the commercial objectives, when projects get fuzzy aligning to the North Star!

Ok finally, tell us a fun fact about yourself...

I used to row a Cornish pilot gig and have rowed all over the Cornish and Devon coastline, including the Isle of Scilly at the world championships!

Nick Jolliffe

Delivery Manager
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