Friday profile: Scott McCracken, DevOps Engineer

Scott McCracken

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Describe what you do at Friday and what your average day looks like…

I am part of the Development Operations (DevOps) team at Friday, which means I work on everything behind the scenes! This includes working on the automation behind the build that the engineers make, tests that the QA do and all the infrastructure that sits behind that (such as cloud services). My role means that I work alongside the team at Friday but also have to be client facing - particularly for clients that have a 24/7 on call contract.

There isn't such thing as an average day for the DevOps team and it will heavily depend on current project work but when we aren't working on external projects, we will be doing internal work which includes monitoring and automating.

Recently, we have been working on our ISO27001 certification. This ensures that the way we build our software and infrastructure is secure. This has included;

- Implementing monitoring, logging and alerting systems around all of our critical systems

- Having automated and traceable processes allowing us to provision servers, build and release code

- Ensuring encryption is executed securely and effectively where it is required

- Working closely with engineers to ensure our secure software development principles are applied

What problems do you solve for clients?

The main problem that the team solve is getting clients projects built and shipped, their infrastructure completed, monitored and secured. We often have to work to deadlines so this means we need to work efficiently to ensure we exceed the needs of the client.

What other teams would you work with?

I would work with a range of the Friday team including both Frontend and Backend Engineers to automate the build process, QA to release and test, Delivery Managers and Release Managers. I also work closely with the other members of the DevOps team and we have daily catch ups for project status updates.

What are the main skills you need to start a career in DevOps?

DevOps is constantly changing as it is a newer field within software engineering which means you need to be proactive and willing to constantly learn about infrastructure as code and cloud computing. A key skill that is really useful working in DevOps is being collaborative as you often work between a lot of teams!

What attracted you to working at Friday? What is different about Friday?

What differentiates Friday from other companies is the culture; it has an environment which is both fast paced but also relaxed. The range of skills at Friday is wide and there are lots of people to learn from which means you are able to expand your own knowledge and skills through working with Delivery Managers, QA and Engineers. I was also really attracted to Friday because of the broad range of projects that I was able to work on.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself...

In 2018 I ran the Edinburgh Marathon as it was something I had always wanted to do!

Scott McCracken

DevOps Engineer

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