Friday Profile: Vix Young, Lead Designer

Vix Young

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Tell us a bit about your job on the design team...

I am a Lead Designer at Friday which involves working across multiple clients and multiple work streams. I set the design strategy and processes for each client, and then work closely with a team of super talented designers to evolve that strategy into amazing products. My role is to ensure design coherence and governance across these products and to create the right environment and conditions for the team, so they excel and do their best work. Everyone at Friday is client facing – but a key part of my role is developing client relationships. All clients are different, so it is essential for me identify how to work with them, and how to increase their knowledge about design processes and give them the confidence and support to make good decisions. I focus on story telling and presentation styles with my team; how best to tell the story for that client and help them prepare in the best possible way to ensure we get sign off!

All these different activities mean that I need to be right in the detail but also out in the vision – balancing is key!

What does your 'average' day look like?

Every day is very different – but my day will always start with daily stand ups with project teams. This allows us all to align and to have internal conversations about ideas or challenges and check in on development. I will also have a mixture of client calls and meetings, collaborative sketching sessions, I might be planning our next design team meeting (we gather on a Friday for prosecco and creative activities) speccing designs with our developers, reviewing design work, debating a tricky bit of UX or be deep in Sketch designing some internet.

I always try and end the day by attending peer review, this is an hour meeting which involves the design team critiquing each other’s work – it is a great way for everyone to see what is going on in other projects across the agency.

What is the best part about your job at Friday?

Without a doubt, it is the collaborative nature of how we work. In one of my most recent projects, I have been working with such a fantastically smart team and that means that everyone enjoys the work. I love it when everyone is on board and hyped so that the work can be the best it can be!

Vix Young, Design Lead

How did you end up doing what you are doing now?

It started from a very young age and I believe a couple of things made me really fascinated with design. My dad is a structural engineer so my doodle paper growing up was always old architects plans and drawings, this ignited my interest with complicated systems. On the flipside, at the age of eight, I also became obsessed with club flyers. My sister is nine years older than me and she always brought home these flyers back for me when she went clubbing on a Friday night.

This made me pursue a degree in Graphic Design at Falmouth University and move to London to work as a Graphic Designer. I was adamant that I wanted to stay in print design, however, I had a big break in my career and moved across to digital.

Now, I love digital! It is always changing and that’s what I find so exciting about it.

Who is your biggest role model?

To be honest, I have been really lucky and have had lots of role models. I’ve worked for numerous amazing, supportive and strong women. Therefore, I have always had someone to look up to throughout my career as they have all been bloody awesome!

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

Wow – a hard question! I think my main piece of advice for myself when I started out my career would be that you do not always need to over deliver – of course – do your best work, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to always deliver the world!

Tell us one fun fact about you..

So I have a collection of over 225 pressed pennies. I started to become obsessed with pressed pennies when I was on a road trip in the US with some of my girlfriends – my favourite is a pressed dime from Memphis and has Elvis’ face on it. It has even got to a point now that it dictates where I choose to go on a city break!

Vix Young

Lead Designer

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