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Alex Wright

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Our CEO, Alex Wright, was interviewed by Glug, a global creative community that host a variety of networking events, about everything Friday. To see the whole interview, please head over to Glug here.

Hey Alex! How are you? You having a fab week so far?

Hell yes. I’m starting fires, watching teams smash it, and spending time with clients helping them digitise the products and services at the core of their business.

Nice one. So, how did you end up running Friday, what’s the story here?

I got fascinated by “the network” as a transformative force in the very early nineties – as a means to distribute power, agency and knowledge; to “give the ants megaphones”. I built my first website in 1992. I built my first one for money in 1994. I’ve worked in digital agencies ever since – I got very frustrated with the amount of empty and intrusive claim-making advertising/comms work digital agencies ended up doing. So, with my business partner, I started Friday – to make useful services that people want, and improve organisations on the way..

So, on a daily basis what does your job entail? Do you have anything along the lines of a ‘standard day’, or would you say most of your days are varied?

All my days involve three things. And luckily I love all of them.

— The clients: Uncovering and solving their challenges, building the digital products and services at the core of their business, managing complex change across silos inside their organisation, etc.

— The people: Understanding the skills and aspirations of everyone at Friday, casting and coaching high-performing teams facing really tough problems, maintaining a steep learning curve for me and everyone else at Friday.

— The work: I’m in the work, as a contributor to projects and a member of teams. Friday is a maker’s place. So I’m still very much in the making.

All of my days are a rapid series of context-shifts.

The magic is always in the mix, eh? If you had to choose... What would you say is the best part of your job? What is it that really makes you tick?

I’m very lucky. I love people, and I get to collaborate with some fine minds and beautiful souls. And I love the power of “the network”. I get to use and apply that power to make organisations work brilliantly for people by digitally transforming them from the ground up.

To read the rest of the interview, please head over to Glug here.

Alex Wright


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