Innovating for community resilience

Ed Everett

2 minute read

The British Red Cross help people in crisis. Digital technology can change how they help, who they help and who does the helping.

Friday has been working with The British Red Cross to digitise some of their core services and take advantage of these opportunities.

Friday's approach to innovation is to identify core problems at the heart of the business, experienced by people, and then apply creativity to resolving them. We do this by imagining how they could be made better and applying digital to solve specific pain points.

On the 4th of October, Friday, in partnership with The British Red Cross, will be exploring the topic of community resilience at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit. The workshop will be addressing digital service innovation challenges faced by The British Red Cross.

The 90 minute workshop will focus on improving a fictional disaster scenario, by outlining the pain points that would arise for both a British Red Cross co-ordinator as well as a victim of the disaster. Using the different pain points, the workshop groups will be able to generate innovative ideas that would aid the individuals in the scenario.

Join us for this workshop to experience the application of this methodology first hand, and contribute to solving a core challenge faced by The British Red Cross.

Ed Everett

Senior UX Designer

Friday is now part of PA Consulting