Instagram, fortune telling and what is really real?!

Elly Aylwin-Foster

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Last year, the Friday strategy team collated weekly web missives. In 2018, the team are collectively going to be producing these on a quarterly basis to look at a selection of encounters with design, business, trends and culture.

You heard correctly, fortune telling. Not just any type of fortune telling but genetic fortune telling. A huge genetic study (more than a million people) has just been completed which will allow report cards to be produced; offering predictions about chances of suffering a heart attack or cancer, of getting hooked on tobacco, and of being smarter than average. This is only 1 of the 10 breakthrough technologies for 2018, alongside Babel-Fish Earbuds.

In other news, is Instagram killing the way we experience art? It seems that people are hardly raising their eyes from their screen to really take in a piece of art and the museum goer spends an average of 17 seconds looking at a work of art in a museum. Should museums or art galleries be a no-phone zone? Or does Instagram enhance our experience of art? Answers on a postcard…

Gone are the days where face-swapping was a harmless Snapchat filter. Now, digital face-swapping makes it possible to accurately ‘map’ anyone into a video, and it is now widely available on the internet. Pixel by pixel, it begins the war on what's real as video-generating AI is dissolving the line between fact and fiction. In early 2018, a Redditor named Deepfakes released a unique bit of code to the public that allows anyone to easily and convincingly map a face onto someone else’s head in full motion video. Scary stuff.

Last but definitely not least, marketing can be seen at its best through CityMapper's journey to create a Smartbus. A great story about what happens when an app company runs a bus service! There were lots of different elements to this new product release, but essentially the aim was for CityMapper to convert existing services and customer relationships into new business models in a new space (but working within regulations). CityMapper successfully positioned and communicated the launch of a new venture - managing to keep the language and style simply informal.

Elly Aylwin-Foster


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