Marketing Week Live: A Round Up

Charlotte Mill

2 minute read

A few weeks ago, I attended Marketing Week Live, which is an interactive exhibition bringing together a range of knowledge and capabilities on todays ever changing marketing trends, techniques and solutions. This is a fantastic event to hear from thought leaders but also learn tips and tricks that you can put into practice. I went to a range of talks and decided to collate a few of the trending topics;

  1. You need the right team

    This is an obvious one right? But one that is often forgotten when hiring. Marketers need to make sure they are surrounded by the right people from content deliverers to activation specialists. You might be a one-man band, which means that you will need to have all the skills to make sure you can get to the right audience at the right time (you may have to think outside the box!)

  2. Mobile first

    Again, an obvious one, but making sure your website is responsive is a must. If a customer comes onto your site via mobile and has a negative experience, then they are less likely to purchase in the future. It is also important to decrease the page load time – on average it is 15 seconds, now that is a long time!

  3. Everyone expects it all

    So ‘everyone’ is a broad category because I am talking about Generation Z in particular. According to Forbes (2015) Generation Z, is defined as people born from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s (which is a larger cohort than the Baby Boomers or Millennials!) This audience want everything instantly and the environment of today is a fast, noisy marketplace - you can tell this by looking at the internet minute. In order to cut through this constant noise, brands need to be authentic.

  4. Head and heart

    This leads on perfectly from my last point because even though it is a fast-paced market, brands need to be able to differentiate themselves by creating feelings and experiences for their customers. Brands should focus on making people happy, whether that is pleasure, passion or purpose, as this will lead to higher brand loyalty from a generation that has so many options.

  5. Content problem solving

    Content is always a topic which occurs time and time again at these kind of events. It is really important to understand what problem you are solving with a piece of content and understanding the effectiveness of it. How is it going to change behaviour? It is a cluttered market so a clear message is vital.

  6. Content splitting

    It can often be hard to know what content to focus on and what will be in the best interest of your company. Long form content is still ranked highly on Google, so it is worth putting in the time to research, read and evaluate. However, one great tip on how to split your content is to look at how much income your company receives from each industry. This will allow you to understand where you should be focusing your efforts.

There were so many talks taking place at Marketing Week Live that it was hard to make it around to all the stages. It is interesting to note that there were a few reoccurring themes from the event last year and it seems that brands are not moving quick enough to leverage success. Some of the topics I have mentioned are not rocket science and should be looked in more detail by brands. Over the next few weeks, I will be delving into some of these topics - stay tuned!

Charlotte Mill

Marketing Manager

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