The Extra Mile: A recap of my first few weeks at Friday

Charlotte Mill

3 minute read

It is always a bit nerve racking starting a new job. You’ve already passed the first hurdle by being offered the job, but then you have more hurdles to jump over just to find where the tea and coffee is kept. We all know that the first day can be an absolute minefield.

With this in mind, I was prepared for my first day at Friday. This was not the first time I had ever started a new job, I knew the routine, I knew I needed to leave a good hour to get to my new stomping ground and I knew that I was probably going to have a headache by the end of the day. I was nervous, yet super excited.

From the interview process, I instantly knew Friday was different. I had met a few members of the team and was extremely surprised how open and warm they were (two of the five values we have at Friday!) and that is why I accepted the job to become part of the marketing team without hesitation. From the start of my application to the day I signed on the dotted line, I had nothing but friendly and positive interactions with Friday – a breath of fresh air to say the least.

This only continued as I entered the doors on my very first day.

Everyone acknowledged me and knew who I was, I even had a balloon on my desk so that everyone really did know it was my first day and to come and say hey. Everything was set up and ready for me to go, I had my first week mapped out and I could hit the ground running.

It’s the small things that count – from my personalised key card to shortened working hours in the summer months. It all adds up and makes Friday a place you want to be – or the best job you have ever had (one of Friday’s mantras!)

I have chatted a lot about the culture of Friday, but the extra mile approach is also transferred to all the work we do. The team at Friday are welcoming, but importantly, so passionate about what they do. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets involved, we are a team and collectively come up with ideas, solutions and light bulb moments.

We work hard, and play hard. There is always something going on in the bustling office from cheese and wine evenings to planning a summer party weekend. The whole company goes the extra mile because it makes working so much more enjoyable - Don’t get me wrong, I still look forward to the weekend, but strangely...

Mondays are made so much better at Friday.

Charlotte Mill

Marketing Manager

Friday is now part of PA Consulting