Week 43: The (fading) golden age of startups, a storytelling primer and the pros of online dating

Weekly web missives from the Friday strategy team: a selection of this week's encounters with design, business, trends and culture. Selected by Elly, Estelle, Remy and Silvia.

AI, Automation & the Future

Just why do investors keep queueing up to give Magic Leap cash? P.S. Looking at the patents the company has filed suggests somewhat of a 'Black Mirror' future. 


"A good story, at many different levels, says 'We're both human beings. We're in this crazy situation called life that we don't really understand. Can we put our heads together and confer about it at a very high, non-bullshitty level?'" That and many other good thoughts about what makes good storytelling.

Meanwhile, the world of news and media seems to offer a very different definition: A good story is one that is worth sharing? This slightly sensationalist piece by The Economist warns us that it will soon be easy to generate credible video and audio of anyone saying anything.


There’s a bit of a debate going on about whether the "golden age" of start-ups is over as the Big 5 start to resemble monopolies, plus, what this means for the software ecosystem.


The best recent examples of interactive print design in independent mags.

It sounds like the product design processes at Facebook and WhatsApp couldn't be more different. "Move Slow and Deliberate" and "If the feature needs explanation, it's not ready" are two of the principles the WhatsApp team works by.

"Hey can you do the UX for us?" A light-hearted but astute run-down of client misconceptions about what "UX" is.


Turns out there may be some societal upsides to the surge in online dating, like an increase in interracial marriages, and marriages lasting longer.

Finally, in a distracted world, solitude is a competitive advantage.