Week 45: AR, IoT, and is the internet a bit broken?

Is the internet a bit broken?

Writer and artist James Bridle has written a chilling piece on trends in kids YouTube content that points to a much wider set of problems for the web. When popularity equals money, and we can autogenerate both content and views for that content, what emerges is literally the stuff of nightmares... 

In the same territory, a rallying cry for those who make and access the web to consider the consequences of an increasingly gated, misleading, data-hungry internet

Augmented reality

Reports are flying that Apple may be getting deeper into the AR game, with plans to launch an augmented reality headset to launch in 2019 or 2020 if you're lucky.

While there's an interesting Indiegogo campaign to fund the development of AR glasses for children on the autism spectrum. The suite of apps aims to teach crucial life skills, help manage emotions, self-regulate, and be empowered in their interactions with others.


Snapchat had some not-so-good financial results, and in a seemingly-somewhat-panicky move (based on what Instagram stories did to their growth), has announced that it is totally redesigning its app to make it easier to use. And here's what it might look like.

IoT on the blockchain

And finally...

An Agtech Company using IoT to ensure freshness and reduce waste is good news. Zest Lab monitors the freshness of each pallet of harvested food using sensors that assign it a single freshness metric, or ZIPR code. Using the blockchain for transparency and security, Zest exposes the information (type, growth and harvest conditions) to growers and grocers, enabling more agile routing and delivery decisions. More food gets eaten when it’s fresh, and less of it is wasted.

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