Week 46: Facebook's tentacles, the echo chamber, and the evolution of crowdfunding

Weekly web missives from the Friday strategy team. A selection of this week's encounters with design, business, trends and culture. 


Ever wondered how that person you had a drunken chat with at 3am in the kebab shop ends up being recommended as a Facebook friend the following day? Well Facebook's shadow profiles mean 6 degrees of separation is actually more like 3 and a half...

And if you think Facebook's listening to you, they don't even need to. 

In slightly better news, Twitter have started removing verified badges from Nazis

Meanwhile, the echo chamber is sadly thriving: why societies seem more polarised than ever [audio], despite our apparent connectedness.


An accessible, open source toolkit for service design – a generous bounty of resources and best practice. 


Kickstarter launched a new tool, Drip, for people to fund and build community around their ongoing creative practice. Where Kickstarter campaigns are built around specific, isolated projects Drip is meant to sustain creators on an ongoing basis. Creators at launch include podcast hosts, editors, choreographers and artists.

Elsewhere, crowdfunding is growing up and into niches: Volume is a lush new crowdfunding platform exclusively for books on the visual arts

Against the odds, Candy Crush is still crushing it, 5 years on.


Drug adherence is the holy grail for pharma companies, and the FDA's approval of a 'digital pill', embedded with a sensor that tracks usage, is an interesting development.

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