Delivery Engine

Our digital design and build practice provides an engine that powers the rapid and reliable delivery of new products and services for our clients. It drives programmes of long-term digital transformation from the ground up in some of the most regulated and disrupted industries in the world.

We've delivered significant digital transformation at an incredible cadence, with several services launched every month.

– Iain O’Neil, Digital Director, Nuffield Health

Our agile, multidisciplinary teams work iteratively in conjunction with end users and business owners – tightly integrated with ongoing user research and testing.

Target customer experiences are specified by example to deliver universal understanding from business owner right through to end user.

Test driven design and development with continuous automated deployment and integration then delivers shippable product at the earliest opportunity, allowing for continual testing and feedback.

Dev Ops driven application support, hosting, and product management ensure the investment is protected and nurtured.

We didn't want a supplier-client relationship, but one in which we could work together on a journey, and explore best options for how we could deliver our digital vision. 

– Kamini Gadhok, Chief Executive, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

Delivery Engine Alpha Sprint

4 weeks | £60k

Test-drive our delivery engine: prototype a product or service, validate with end-users, and develop a plan for operational delivery in just four weeks.

Together we prioritise candidate products and services for prototyping, define the scope, assess feasibility within the timescale, and sketch out the Target Customer Experience.

Followed by rapid iterative development by our design and development teams. 

The prototype is then qualitatively tested with end users, and a high level business case and roadmap developed.

We don't just innovate, conceive and design at Friday - half our staff are engineers, and we love to ship. Our Alpha Sprint process includes a blueprint for moving from prototype to product, and a plan for operational delivery.

We picked some quick wins early on... it's really begun to snowball... more and more service lines now want to come and play in the digital marketplace.

– Iain O’Neil, Digital Director, Nuffield Health

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Friday helped broaden our thinking on how our organisation might function in the future.

- Kamini Gadhok, Chief Executive, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

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