Digital Maturity Assessments

Digital maturity: The extent to which an organisation has rearranged itself for, and infused itself with, the digital world.

We’ve been measuring and comparing the digital maturity of over 50 organisations - by assessing them against our proprietary framework - for four years.

It’s given us unique insights into the characteristics and patterns of the most (and least) digitally mature organisations, and how they're adapting.

The basic assessment framework has four levels:

Our digital programme requires not just website development, but also operational changes in the business, which Friday has supported us to deliver.

– Iain O’Neil, Digital Director, Nuffield Health

Digital Maturity Assessment

2 weeks | £20k

Benchmark your own organisation’s digital maturity.

A series of one-on-one management interviews with senior management across operations, IT, digital and marketing. 

Followed by expert analysis and the generation of a scorecard, benchmarking your organization against over 50 others.

A half-day workshop to present and discuss the findings, and gain consensus amongst key stakeholders.

And the preparation of a presentation detailing the approach taken, stakeholders involved, methodology, results, analysis, scorecard and recommendations.

Friday made me look at the capabilities I had, and question whether I had what I needed.

– Amanda Rendle, Global Head of Marketing, HSBC

Our clients use it to:

  • Help make the case for digital development, change or investment
  • Address digital transformation challenges
  • Accelerate existing change programs
  • Gain independent, external context for their digital plans
  • Compare and contrast digital capabilities with other organisations
  • Garner senior management consensus on a shared digital ambition

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