Target Customer 

Our Target Customer Experience methodology makes the highly complex startlingly simple.

Together with our clients, subject matter experts and end users, we draw pictures of the future customer experience in an accessible visual style that everyone can understand, and contribute to.

So everyone from board member to end-user can see what it is we’re intending to build and why it will be successful.

It’s highly creative, collaborative and fast.

The work with Friday was... the holy grail of target customer experience and something that a lot of organisations are striving for.

– Amanda Rendle, former global Head of Marketing, HSBC

Drawn from the perspectives of both customers and staff, it shows how digital can better enable service delivery both on and offline:

Experience Map Detail

Capability swim-lanes then illustrate what technology and operational changes are required to support the new experience.

Our clients use it to:

  • Re-architect their end-to-end customer experience
  • Develop their digital vision and strategy
  • Orient around a customer-centric North Star
  • Bring design thinking into the boardroom
  • Clearly articulate a service proposition or product idea
  • Create entirely new products or services
We Are Friday Workshop
We Are Friday Program Meeting
Friday Working Copy

Reimagine your customer experience

4 weeks | £60k

1. Customer experience workshops

Facilitated workshops with stakeholders, end users and subject matter experts to iteratively sketch the target customer experience.

Covering both on and offline touch-points, and illustrating how digital can best support an improved customer experience across all channels in 18-24 months time.

2. Analysis, design and validation

Design and digitisation of the customer experience map, which is then validated internally with stakeholders at a half-day workshop, and externally with end users in qualitative research groups.

3. Capability swimlanes

One-day workshop with key stakeholders to identify the high-level technology and organisational capabilities required to support the target customer experience.

The biggest benefit of Friday's experience design process is agreement from everyone involved as to what you're striving to achieve.

– Iain O’Neil, Digital Director, Nuffield Health

4. Outputs

  • An annotated TCE map, professionally designed, provided as PDFs and printed workshop posters, overlaid with capability swim lanes.
  • A presentation detailing the approach taken, vision statement, rationale, validation and recommended next steps.

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