Premium service design for Nespresso

Working with Nespresso’s NPD, insights, sourcing, blending, retail and factory operations teams to design, prototype and test a new global service offering.

New product development
Service design, prototyping, e-commerce integration

End-to-end prototyping

Designing and building a fully functional HTML5 prototype of the new service, integrated into their existing e-commerce platform.

Create your own blend

Developing a coffee creation process at the heart of a new personalised blend proposition, guiding users through choices affecting flavour such as aromatic notes, roasting, bean type and processing methods.


User testing

Enabling Nespresso to run quantitative testing and price elasticity research across France, Switzerland and the UK.

Personalised packaging

Designing the new packaging, and integrating the service with digital printing technology - allowing customers to personalise a sleeve with their very own coffee blend.